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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where Is It Written . . .

Where is it written that you must start something -- be it a resolution, Project 365 or 52 -- on January 1?  I'm never quite ready for the new year to start.  In fact, I'm always surprised that the old one is over!  So it takes me awhile to accept one and begin the other.

Thus, on the 23rd day of this year, I am ready to begin.  Maybe not 365.  Maybe not even 52.  Hopefully, though, somewhere in between.

Today, I had breakfast with my friend Rita Daniels whom I meet about once a month for breakfast or Farmers Market.  Something short, but enough for us to catch up on each other.  We met at Paradise Bakery by the University of Arizona in Tucson, where we both live.  It's the perfect place for a Sunday morning chat over a muffin and a hot cup of white Chinese tea.  When I walked out the back door on my way back to the car afterwards, I was struck by the reflectiveness of the glass fascia and how the name just stood out, and I just had to stop and take a phone camera picture:

Note post processing with Skeletal Mess textures: Faux Frame and Scratch Type Thing.  I hardly do anything without Jerry's textures.  He's one of my go-to resources.

I'm still going to play with this, perhaps scrapping it or merely framing it.  It doesn't feel done yet.

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