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Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Photo w/Skeletal Mess Texture & Graphics Fairy Frame

There are so many good resources out there.  Two of my favorites are The Graphics Fairy for vintage prints and other goodies, and Skeletal Mess AKA Shadowhouse Creations AKA Jerry Jones for absolutely the best textures around--with the bonus that they are free of charge.

It started with a scrolled frame Graphics Fairy posted:

I spent hours cleaning it up--but it was actually quite soothing to clean off the background and, little by little, have the frame emerge intact.  I then converted it to a Photoshop brush.

That done, I had to play with it, of course, and it so called for a wedding picture.  So I started with a layer of solid red color, then the mask (a previous freebie by Digital Freebies with credits to Atomic Cupcake and Monica Larsen) above that, followed by the picture of my niece exchanging rings at her wedding ceremony, the Scrolly Frame brush, all topped with Jerry Jones' Aged2 texture at Darken 75%.

Don't you love it?

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