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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Creative Burst

I've been looking for an online digital design class all day and have had no luck meeting my criteria (excellent designs created by instructor being the most important).

So, I decided to make some paper. For some, the amount of time I spent making this one paper would have enabled them to complete a kit. Nonetheless, I am very happy with it, especially considering it is a "junior" effort!

Botanical Love

Credit and thanks to:  Aqueous Sun texture; Texture1.psd (unknown author); Wetfish Designs Botanical Overlay

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  1. Looks good Lorena! You should check out the next Brownie Scraps class if you've got an interest in learning more about designing. I think the next session starts in January. I'll be sure to post it up on my blog as soon as I hear anything about sign-ups.